Dean is known primarily as a composer of electronic music, but his skills and his mindset extend beyond one mere genre or medium. For Solarguitars he has produced Babylon, Final Frontier. Weary Planet and now Navigating The Simulation!
 After studying at Berklee College of Music, the training ground of some of the finest jazzmusicians today, Delmar went on to play and compose for some of the most influentialmusicians in the global industry 
B. Shree Sundarkumar is one of the leading Kanjira artists in the world of Rhythm music. Having entered the musical world at the young age of three, he has been mesmerizing audience with his intricate rhythm beats and innate creativity, that he inherited from his musical family. After the initial tutelage under his father, a renowned Mridangam player, Dr. K. B. S Mani, he underwent rigorous training under legendary Guru Karaikudi Sri R. Mani. It was under his guidance that Sundarkumar perfected the art of playing Mridangam, and then took to playing his most favorite percussion instrument, the Kanjira. His mastery and understanding of the subtle nuances of playing this instrument is unparalleled.    
Navigating The Simulation - Music Series Title Track - release date 2/2/22 - after living at sea for a year Daryll returns with a deeper understanding of our universe and musical sounds from the other side.Navigating The Simulation is the Title Track from what will be a monthly music and broadcast series that will further explore theories and concepts that attempt to explain our existence.
SolarGuitars is an old name with a new mission. Originally formed in 1994 as a Record Label and Internet Broadcaster in Boca Raton, Solarguitars was synonymous with the fans of Jazz Rock Fusion!.
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