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Dean is known primarily as a composer of electronic music, but his skills and his mindset extend beyond one mere genre or medium. For Solarguitars he has produced Babylon, Final Frontier. Weary Planet and now Navigating The Simulation!
 Gerry Brown is a Master Drummer, having over 40 yrs. of experience.
  Tony is known for his melodic approach to rhythm, a part of what makes his style so distinct.
 After studying at Berklee College of Music, the training ground of some of the finest jazzmusicians today, Delmar went on to play and compose for some of the most influentialmusicians in the global industry 
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  • SolarGuitars is an old name with a new mission. Originally formed in 1994 as a Record Label and Internet Broadcaster in Boca Raton Florida. Solarguitars was synonymous with the term Jazz Rock Fusion and was followed by the fans of Jazz Rock Fusion and Progressive Rock! Our previous live shows have featured live guest appearances by Jean Luc Ponty, Jan Hammer, Lenny White, Alphonse Mouzon, Narada Michael Walden, Rod Morgenstein, Mikell Caldwell, Stu Goldberg, John Macaluso, Cindy Blackman and many more!


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Artists and Labels can submit up to 3 hi-res mp3's for airplay to our email Please include your promo materials and we will contact you within 48 hours. SolarGuitars loves new music submissions!
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